App: A Better Routeplanner
  1. Download A Better Routeplanner App
  2. Touch the icon top left corner
  3. Select ABRP LOGIN
  4. Create an account
  5. Log In
6. Set Settings to reflect your driving preferences. Eg. you can set destination arrival SoC which is very nice if you are going to leave the car at an airport for several days.
7. Go to on your Tesla browser
8. Select Car
9. Select Show Settings
10. Select Show More Settings
11. Select Synchronize Settings - ABRP Login
12. Login with the same login as the app
13. Select Live Car Connection - MyTesla Login
14. Login to MyTesla
15. Save to favorites in the Tesla browser.
Sometimes there is a problem with the sync between app and browser, but the following way works...
How to plan a route:
Option 1 Using the App
1. Set Settings to reflect your driving preferences
2. Select departure, waypoints and destination
3. Touch start icon
4. If you want you can save the route (sometimes it will not save)
5. Leave the route active in the app
6. Go to the Tesla browser - if the route cannot be seen select Reset and then Refresh in the top of the browser
7. The route is now in the browser - select Plan Route
8. Check the Settings for the route
9. Select Tesla Nav and directions for the first waypoint will be send to your Model 3 navigation kit
Option 2 Using the Tesla Browser without the App
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