App: Stats for Tesla

After reading "Tesla App Review - Stats by Matt Ferrel" I decided to buy the app. I'm very happy about it. It gives me a lot of information about my Model 3 without getting too nerdy.



Stats have a very nice feature. It works with Siri Shortcuts. You can use iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch to turn Climate on, activate/deactivate Sentry Mode, set Charge Limit, lock/unlock Doors, open Trunk and Frunk, close (if automated) Trunk and Frunk, start/stop Charging, unluck Charge Port, get the Remaining Range and get inside/outside temperature


Below I will review the content of the app:


Rated Range: Tesla’s estimated range


Est. Range: Based on how you drive (and weather impact cold/hot). Average for the last 30-50 miles.


Driving Efficiency: Ratio between Est. Range and Rated Range

MPGe or L/100 km: Comparison with a ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car. How many miles do you drive on 1 gallon or how many liters do you use per 100 km. Average based on the last 30-50 miles. How to understand this number.

“Phantom Drain” is the term that the Tesla community has collectively decided on when referring to the mysterious loss of charge from their vehicles' batteries when parked. ... Vehicles can be prevented from entering the sleep state in a variety of ways.