Buying a Used  Model 3
1. Find a nice used Model 3
2. Create an account at and download The Tesla App
3. Get a print of the seller's MyTesla account. This way you can see what options the car has. It looks like this:
4. Check the car using The Delivery Checklist
5. When signing get the two key cards and ask the seller to remove the car from his/her account while you are waiting
6. Until the car is added to your MyTesla account you only will be able to access the car with the keycards. Use of the Tesla App is not possible
7. When getting the registration from the DMV make a PDF of the registration and your driver’s license and mail it with the following information:

Subject: Transfer of Vehicle Ownership

Please add the following vehicle to my Tesla account:

- VIN: _____________
- Email Address:_____

  (same as your MyTesla account)
- Home Address: ____
- Phone Number: ____

8. Be patient. Within a week you will receive an email confirming that the transfer will take place within a few weeks. If you become impatient, call the nearest Service Center


9. Then your new car will pop-up in the Tesla App