New Owner Frequently Asked Questions




Receiving Your Tesla

Where is my signed Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement?

Where can I find the VIN of my Tesla?

How do I get my HOV decals (California residents)?

How do I pay for my loan through Tesla Lending?

How do I add another contact to my account?

How do I apply for the Federal Tax Credit?

I am a California resident. How do I apply for the California Clean Vehicle Rebate?

Access and Use the Tesla App

When will app access be granted?

How do I enable app access for my family?

How do I use the Tesla app?

Why can't I access the Tesla app after delivery?

Get to Know Your Tesla

How do I learn more about Model 3?

How do I set up my driver profile?

How do I program HomeLink?

How do I pair my phone using Bluetooth?

How do I change the displays on the instrument panel?

How do I learn more about the features of my Tesla?

How does voice command work?

What do the scroll wheels on my steering wheel do?

What is Range Mode?

How can I monitor my energy usage?

What does the energy saving setting do?

What is the difference between Ideal and Rated range?

What is Valet Mode?

Can I turn off the touchscreen?

How do I navigate the touchscreen?

Traveling With Your Tesla

How do I turn my car on and off?

What should I know about traveling in my Tesla?

How do I operate the charge port?

How do I activate Summon?

What is Autopilot and how do I operate it?

How does Automatic Emergency Braking work?

What should I know about driving in cold weather?

Where should I place a transponder / toll pass?

What If I lose my keys?

What if I get locked out of my car?


Maintaining Your Tesla

How do I get software updates and how long do they take?

Can I drive my car during a software update?

What kind of regular maintenance can I expect with my new Tesla?

Where can I get my car repaired?

How do I tow my car?

What is covered under Roadside Assistance?

Where can I purchase accessories for my Tesla?